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I’m tired tonight. But, I’m determined to do my 10 minutes of exercise, or more. I have been swamped at work and, therefore, am finding myself sitting at my desk for hours on end, with little movement.
I need to move.
So, after we’ve watched The Amazing Race, I will be heading upstairs to do it.

Also, I weighed myself this morning and found that I was 270 lbs, not 275. So, I’m already 5 lbs down towards my goal.

Starting weight: 275 lbs

Height: 5”3

Goal Weight: 185 lbs

Current Weight: 270 lbs

Lbs Lost: 5 lbs

LBS to Lose: 85 lbs

Exercise Goal: 3x/week (for now)

Daily Calories: 1812

Veggie Servings: 6

Fruit Servings: 1

Water: 72 ounces

Chocolate: 1/Nutella on toast

Protein: 3 servings

Pop: 2 😦

Nutritional Goals (These will change depending on my progress, etc.):

Goal 1800 Calories/Day:

1 Serving Vegetables 1xDay:

1 Serving Fruit 1xDay

1 Serving Protein 1xDay

72 ounces Water/Daily

No Pop

1 Serving Chocolate/Day (at the most)