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I have seen a nutritionist recently to help me with accountability and to help address some concerns about my diet and hypothyroidism. I was so proud to share a few weeks worth of food diaries with her, I had been eating lots of fruits, veggies and good proteins and had kept my diet pop and chocolate intake down to only 1-2/week.
I was so disappointed and disheartened when he response to me was only that I should keep all fats and snacks down to less than 100 calories.

She didn’t seem to consider the fact that I only had one snack a day and it was a homemade smoothie made from spinach, almond milk, bananas, apples, berries and plain Greek yogurt. Who cares if it’s over 100 calories? I was only just over my daily intake and I had just consumed almost a day’s worth of fruits and veg.

She didn’t even acknowledge how healthy I was eating.

It made me wonder if her take on it was that staying below the calorie goal was more important than eating healthy.

I would rather be 300 calories over having eaten healthy foods all day, than 300 calories under but having eaten junk.

Am I wrong?

I know that, ultimately, the goal is to get the calories at the goal while eating healthy. But, I believe the best way to do that is eat more healthy foods until that becomes the norm, and then work on the calories.