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It’s the end of my first day of being public about my efforts to lose weight and I have to say, I’m feeling pretty good.

Whether or not anyone really follows my journey, it has already spurred me to action.

I made cheesy tuna casserole for my son for dinner and instead of filling up a bowl of it, I poured myself ½ cup, just so I could eat with him. Also, I tried to pick-out a bunch of veggies to fill my ½ cup, so I added another veggie serving!

I spent the rest of the night cooking and preparing for the week (ok, after I played a few games of Star Wars Battlefront).

I grated cheese and cooked peppers and chicken for chicken fajitas tomorrow night (note to self, put the salsa in the refrigerator before bed); I hard boiled eggs for my breakfast at work; I froze some blueberries that were starting to go off in the fridge (to be used in smoothies or pancakes!).

I didn’t manage to squeeze-in a workout, and it’s not going to happen at this stage. Well, unless you count running-around with my son, playing catch, tag, being a tunnel (downward dog?) for him to crawl-through and the fact that I have been going, pretty much, non-stop since 6am this morning. So, I’m going to cut myself some slack on that tonight.

However, I am setting a goal of doing, at least, 10 minutes of resistance training tomorrow night.

Final tally for the day:

1937 calories (137 over budget)
3 Servings of veg
1 Serving Fruit
72 ounces water
1 Serving of Chocolate (Nutella on toast!)

And, a happy heart.

I’m looking forward to doing even better tomorrow.