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I had an extremely vivid imagination as a child. I spent most of my days lost in a reverie of day dreams that would have made excellent fodder for a Disney epic.

In fact, I think I lived most of my childhood in a belief that I was in a Disney epic.

I was ‘Cinderella’ making friends with the mice and birds while dreaming about the day they would put-together a gorgeous, flowing gown for me to wear to meet the man of my dreams.

I was ‘Wart’ going-out to the farmyard to find the sword in the stone, knowing that if I got my hands on it, it would release from the stone, the heavens would open, angels would sing, and I would be made Queen.

I was Belle singing barefoot in the fields of hay during a gorgeous sunset about wanting to leave my small town, discover a terrifying beast, fall in love, have him transform into a drop-dead hunk, and live happily ever after together in his killer castle.

These characters, these stories, were my friends-my confidantes. No matter what was going on around me, I could always retreat in my head to one of these stories.

Actually…not much has changed in this area over the years.

When I’m having a rough day, I still look-out the window and see a dark, run-down castle, staffed by talking candlesticks, clocks and tea pots who are ready to rally to my side and give me a pep-talk, while singing wildly to me about being their guest.

But, there is little space for these dreams and vivid imaginings to exist in my current life.
I do not have the type of job that allows for, let alone would value, imagination and day dreams. I have a run-of-the-mill, typical, desk/administration job.

This is my space to let my imagination breathe.

It’s been boxed-up for far too long and has been screaming to be allowed out to play for years. Well, it’s out now. Time to stretch its legs, let it loose and see what it can do.

I have no format, layout or guidelines for what’s going to happen here.

My only plan is – to write.