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Well, I’ve done 2 days with being much more active in my attempts to practice mindful eating and, I have to say, I definitely notice a change for the better.

Now, having said that, I did just eat half a bag of BBQ rice crisps while playing Star Wars Battlefront.

And, by the way, I’ve decided that Battlefront has become my #1 nemesis in this fight to become healthier.


Confession: I got distracted while writing this post and starting composing a song. So, it’s going to end a bit shorter than I had originally planned.

Here are a few moments I experienced while practicing mindful eating:

  1. While eating breakfast yesterday I realized that I was full, despite the fact I still had a piece of toast and an egg. I decided to just toss them out instead of forcing myself to eat them. I finished breakfast feeling wonderful. I felt like I had consumed what I needed and wasn’t thwarted by that horrible feeling you get when you know you ate too much.
  2. I had 3 pieces of reheated pizza for lunch (reheated in the oven is better than when it is fresh). I loved every bite I took. Once again, 3 pieces was exactly right. I didn’t feel like I needed anything else for the rest of the afternoon and I didn’t feel over-full.
  3. I had Chinese takeout later last night (9pm). This came as a result of a series of unfortunate events. And, needless to say, before it arrived I told my partner that we shouldn’t had ordered it and I should have just had toast. BUT, actually, once again, I found that I enjoyed every bite of it. I didn’t overdo it. When I caught myself stuffing french fries into my mouth thoughtlessly (yes, I order fries with our Chinese food…this place makes french fries that remind me of the chips in New Zealand), I stopped and asked myself if I was even tasting them? Was I enjoying every bite? Did I still want more? This made the whole experience so much better. I also didn’t feel guilty about eating it, because I had made an informed decision from a place of strength, not weakness. I did end-up with some major acid reflux after this, however.
  4. I had a piece of fudge when I first sat down to write tonight. We had a pot-luck at work today and someone made fudge and I wrapped a few pieces to take home with me. But, I only had one piece. This is a miracle. Seriously. I think the Pope, himself, would grant me sainthood for this fact.
  5. I am seriously eager to try this again tomorrow.