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When I’m exhausted I have no resolve.

My husband suggests we order pizza for dinner and, even though I know I shouldn’t do it, I agree.

Not only do I agree, but I arrange for us to also get the super-duper, gooey, yummy, cookie-pizza thing as well.

Yeah….so that was my day.

I was doing fairly good up until that point.

I’m already exhausted and have spent 2 hours trying to rearrange my blog site to better suit my preferences.

Exercise? Well, I did hold a downward dog position for 5 minutes while my son sent trucks, buses and cars flying through the tunnel I had created with my body.

Now that I have my blog site a little bit more user-friendly for my purposes, I will be back to the business of writing and getting healthy tomorrow.

For now, I’m going to be heading to a much-deserved, well-earned, rest.

Good night one-good night all.